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        Oriental Concept Design was established in 2016. The team is composed of a group of designers with an international vision, and has long-term mature experience in managing well-known cultural brand projects, from the early stage to the late stage of the project. With professional design services, professional project control, customer problem solving as the starting point, innovation as the design purpose, and pursuit of excellence in high-quality product standards, our design style is not limited to a single form, and deeply explores the background and Business model to continue and create cultural brand products with market value.The main business includes: hotel brand, catering brand, office brand, apartment brand, commercial complex brand, high-end private housing and other case design.

        Cooperative units: Overseas Chinese Town Group, Accord Hotel Group Australia, Barcelo Hotel Group Spain, Jin Jiang Group, the second largest hotel group in the world, Platinum Group, Dongcheng International Group, Yifei Hotel Group





        Founder and Design Director of ORIENTAL CONCEPT DESIGN | Li Zao

        Famous domestic designer, guest lecturer of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, senior member of Asia-Pacific Design Center, founder of Wuwai brand design, owner of artist homestay brand.He rntered the design field in 2008. In 2016, he founded ORIENTAL CONCEPT DESIGN and helped many hotel groups develop innovative hotel brands. He has extremely rich experience in hotel design. Its motto is "Top-level design determines how far a brand can go, business logic determines the profitability of future operations, and space design determines future lifestyles, while generating greater added value."


        國內著名設計師,廣州美術學院客座講師,亞太設計中心資深會員,物外品牌設計創始人,藝術家民宿品牌主理人。2008年進入設計領域 2016年創立東哲設計,幫助衆多眾多酒店集團研發酒店創新品牌,具有極其豐富的酒店設計經驗。其秉承的座右銘為“頂層設計決定壹個品牌能走多遠,商業邏輯決定未來運營的盈利能力,而空間設計決定未來的生活方式,同時產生更大的附加值”。

        地 址:廣東省海珠區鷺江西街9號AI創新產業園B106


        Tel:+86-158 899 64660